2019 Award Recipients

Digital Scholarship Summer Fellowships

Head shot of Andrea Alvarez

Andrea Alvarez holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Universidad Central de Venezuela. In June 2018, she received the distinction Summa Cum Laude. Alvarez is currently pursuing a Masters of Architecture Degree at The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture. At the Benson, she will be studying drawings and descriptions related to “carpinteria de lo blanco” found in the 17th-century manuscript of Fray Andrés de San Miguel to create 3D models to examine the design and building process.

Antonio Villarruel was born in Quito, Ecuador, and currently lives between Mexico City and Madrid. He is a doctoral candidate both at el Colegio de México and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. His interests include intellectual history, critical theory, Adean cultures and literatures, and documentary theory. In 2011 he published the essay book “Ciudad y derrota”. He also directed the documentary “Versiones de la vecindad”, on Mexican writer Carlos Monsiváis. For his fellowship, he will be extracting data from the correspondence in the Ernesto Cardenal Papers to visualize and examine his social networks.

Digital Scholarship & Special Collections Spring Internship

Head shot of Mounika Puligurthi

Mounika Puligurthi is a senior double-majoring in Computer Science and Spanish. As a self starter, she taught herself how to program in tenth grade and now has her own travel blog website that she coded from scratch. As a former Girl Scout, she is passionate about caring for others and giving back to her community. She currently teaches computer skills in Spanish (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Suite tools) to low-income Hispanic adults at Manos De Cristo, a nonprofit based in Austin. She is looking to connect her tech and foreign language interests to serve those in need so that they can not only follow their dreams, but also live them.

Digital Humanities Curriculum Re/Design Staff Support Competition

Astrid Runggaldier is the Assistant Director for the Mesoamerica Center and Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Art History Department. She oversees programming of educational, scholarly, and public activities for the Mesoamerica Center at UT Austin and Casa Herrera in Antigua, Guatemala. Dr. Runggaldier is a Mesoamericanist interested in particular in Maya culture and in anthropological approaches to architecture, households, and built environments in the context of the ancient civilizations of the Americas. The LLILAS Benson DS Office will partner with Dr. Runggaldier to redesign her undergraduate course, “Art and Archaeology of Ancient Peru,” planned for Spring 2020.

HILT Training Scholarship

Head shot of Lexi Perez

Alexandrea “Lexi” Perez Allison is a PhD candidate in the Department of English as well as a graduate portfolio student in the Department of Mexican American & Latina/o Studies. Her work focuses on contemporary U.S. Latina literature and its relationship with materiality, objects, and ephemera. She plans to take the “Digital Humanities + Latinx Studies: Doing Work that Matters” HILT course to learn how to incorporate digital pedagogy into her planned Fall 2019 Mexican-American & Latino Studies course “La Chicana.”