Journalism Under Siege
A Collective Reflection

Thursday–Friday, February 21–22

The World Press Freedom Index (2017), published by Reporters Without Borders, shows a generalized climate of fear and tension as governments and private-sector interests increasingly control newsrooms. In Latin America, this tension has a particular nature.

During the last two decades, Latin America has become the world’s deadliest region for journalists, topped only by regions at war. The assassination of journalists continues unabated to this day. Despite the generalized climate of fear, journalists have continued to “write truth to power.” With new informational technologies and the expansion of social media, they have found innovative ways to produce and disseminate news.

The 2019 Lozano Long Conference will showcase the work of some of the most notable journalists in Latin America and highlight their collective efforts to protect their work and report on the region’s most pressing social, cultural, economic, and political problems. The conference will also seek to promote a much-needed dialogue between journalists and scholars who confront analogous issues around access, ethics, and writing when working on topics related to violence and corruption.