About Us

The Beginnings
This is an organization that was created in 2008 as an Undergraduate Advisory Council for the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics (Department Website).
LUNAR stands for Leadership, Undergraduate Networking and Recruitment.

Students Making a Difference
The Leadership, Undergraduate Networking and Recruitment (LUNAR) Council is a means for current undergraduates to provide continuous feedback to the department. The students in the Council seek to play an active role in the development, organization, and decision-making process within the department. This will lead to the goal of a full experience—not only in academic education, but also through the growth of the department. With this student involvement, the faculty and staff can make more informed decisions for the benefit of the students. In addition, the Council will take an active part in the recruitment efforts of the department to bring in the best prospective undergraduates to join our program in the future.

Past Projects and Accomplishments
The Council meets every other week to discuss current events and issues occurring within the ASE/E M department, specifically those issues related to the ASE and COE Undergraduate Programs. Accomplishments initiated and/or produced by LUNAR representatives include:

  • Curriculum review and preparation for future catalog changes
  • Retention and contribution to ideas for renovation of the Learning Resource Center (LRC)
  • Collaboration with WEP and EAC memberse in female student recruitment initiatives
  • Contributions to the Cockrell School 4-Year Graduation Initiative department discussions
  • Curriculum review for Mechatronics and Measurement/Instrumentation coursework, leading to the creation of a new course to replace outdated material
  • Contributed to Curriculum Committee for the development of the COE degree plan

Current and Future Activities

  • Continuing recruitment efforts for high-performing and/or female students
  • Creating department policy for Honor Code education
  • LRC printing policy review and push for PDF assignment/lab submission
  • Work with the External Advisory Committee (EAC) to increase undergraduate collaboration
  • Selection and presentation of ASE/EM Undergraduate Teaching award


Current Lunar Council Representatives

AIAA – Daniel Cha
DBF – Erik Mills
LRA – Frank Popelar
SAE- Alto Ono
SEC – Colin Lewis
SEDS – Samuel Kurtin
SGT – Amanda Arena
TAR- Eric Johnson
UAV- Israel Hernandez
WIALD – Luciana Schement
Peer Advising – Bailey Sikorski
Class of 21 – TBD
Class of 20 – Jaswant Mallavaram
Class of 19 – Gavin Martin
Class of 18 – Siddarth Kaki
Graduate – Yasvanth Poondla
At Large – Nicole Vieger

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