Author: Anne Hulsey

The World’s Most Attractive Solar Markets

The solar energy industry is growing as a very promising, international opportunity for investment. Therefore IHS Technology,  a “global information company with world-class experts in the pivotal areas shaping today’s business landscape” compiles a quarterly assessment of the “attractiveness profile”

Three Drivers for Energy Efficiency Emissions Reductions

There are a handful of promising venues for reducing global emissions, one of which is energy efficiency. Much of the appeal of energy efficiency is that, in addition to enabling emissions reductions, finding ways to do more with less energy

Energy Efficiency as a Solution to Turkey’s Growing Energy Demand

Three-quarters of Turkey’s emissions come from the energy sector. Not only is energy already the greatest source of emissions, the demand is also growing steadily. In 2010 the demand rose by 9.4%, almost double the world average of 5.6% and

Eskom’s Role in South Africa’s Electricity Generation and Efficiency

South Africa’s energy production sector is fairly concentrated among a few actors. 85% of coal mining (~80% of SA’s energy and 90% of its electricity production) is controlled by five companies. Electricity generation is even more concentrated. Though the state

South Africa: is the Future More Coal or Renewables?

The African continent has a lot to lose with regards to future climate change. The twisted irony is that many of these countries are not major contributors to global emissions. However, this cannot be said of South Africa which, at

The Birth of Turkey’s Renewable Energy

The National Climate Change Strategy published in 2010 cites long term goals of at 30% of renewable energy in the total electricity production by 2023. (By 2012, the share of installed capacity was increased to 39%. but there is still

What’s in a Rating System

The building sector contributes a significant portion of the total global greenhouse gases. The 2009 McKinsey and Company report on Pathways to a Low-Carbon Economy cited building emissions as 18% of global GHG emissions. This can be as high as

Emissions Reductions Via Energy Security in Turkey

In the midst of Turkey’s efforts to prove itself as a leader in the Middle East, it has lagged behind the rest of the world in regards to climate change. Turkey was a late comer to the Kyoto Protocol, only