Author: Carson Stones

The Case for Regionally Targeted Renewable Energy Subsidies

Apparently, where you build renewables matters more than how much capacity you build. According to the results of a 2013 paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the amount of carbon dioxide, SO2, NOx, and PM2.5 displaced

EPA Clamps Down on Emissions from Natural Gas Production

On April 15, 2014, EPA released five technical white papers on potentially significant sources of emissions in the oil and gas sector. The papers covered compressors, emissions from well completions and ongoing production of hydraulically fractured oil wells, methane leaks,

A Closer Look at the Global Nuclear Industry

In 2009, Rocky Mountain Institute chief scientist Amory Lovins declared “Nuclear power is continuing its decades-long collapse in the global marketplace because it’s grossly uncompetitive, unneeded, and obsolete”. Mr. Lovin’s further reiterated this point in his 2011 book Reinventing Fire.

Courts Rule in Favor of Tighter EPA Standards

In a major victory for the Obama Administration, the Supreme Court has issued a series of landmark decisions on several EPA standards which will determine the future of the U.S. energy production sector. In June 2013, President Barack Obama outlined

Historic Electricity Generation Across Countries by Fuel Source

Source: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions For at least a decade, electricity production has been the largest single contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, apples to apples comparisons between countries and fuel sources are surprisingly difficult to find.

Why the Dream of Clean, Cheap, and Distributed Electricity is so Difficult to Achieve

The citizens of Austin, Texas have touted the capital as a “green city” and the city council adopted a Climate Protection Program in 2012 toward that end. One of the plan’s 5 major goals was to reduce energy use by

County Council Election in Washington State to Determine Future of Global Coal Industry

UPDATE: “Anti-coal” candidates sweep election – One of the most fiercely contested U.S. elections this November is taking place in Whatcom County, Washington. On November 5, Whatcom county voters will go to the polls and elect four of the seven

“Why Texas Matters” or “If You’re Not First, You’re Last”

Warning! Numbers ahead! In 2011, the United States contributed 5,490 million metric tons of CO2 to the world total of 32,578 million metric tons for the same year, according to the International Energy Agency. This means that 4% of the