Author: Joshua Bartlett

EU Emissions Reduction Success Stories

This blog post will examine some EU emissions reduction success stories that are often ignored because they aren’t occurring in the largest economies of the region. It will explore whether or not there is opportunity for the strategies of smaller

Energy Efficiency Carbon Mitigation Potential in the EU

Energy Efficiency[1] Background While Europe’s compact city design bodes well for transportation emissions mitigation, the aging buildings that comprise these cities poses a completely different set of challenges.  The buildings of the EU are responsible for 1.5 GtCO2e/year. This comes

Emissions Reductions in the Transportation Sector in the EU

The European Union accounted for 22% of overall transportation sector emissions, placing it second behind the United States which has a 29% share (Ibid). Transport emissions reductions are a challenge in Europe, as they have been a proven leader in

The Future of Rail in The United States

The United States is at a crossroads in terms of its relationship with rail as a viable transportation option. With road traffic contributing to the vast majority of transportation emissions in the United States, there is no time like the

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Hydraulic Fracturing and the Energy Future of Europe

The issue of hydraulic fracturing is revealing deep divisions in the European Union. While many of the rich nations of Western Europe have all shunned the practice, the poorer countries of Eastern Europe are in favor of it. The debate

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China’s High-Speed Rail Subsidies

China has spent more than half a trillion dollars on building the world’s largest high-speed rail network system.[1] This system has revolutionized the way business is done by dramatically lowering the time and cost of getting around the country. Additionally,

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Germany’s “Energy Poverty”

In the wake of the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor disaster of 2011, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a controversial plan to shut down all of Germany’s nuclear power facilities by 2022. The end goal of this plan is for 80 percent

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Meetings with EU Environmental Experts

During a trip to Brussels in October, I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Noriko Fujiwara from the Center for European Policy Studies, as well as Peter Zapfel, head of policy coordination in DG Climate Action at the European

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