Author: Stephanie Redfern

What about geoengineering?

With reports repeatedly highlighting the growing urgency for the world to act on climate change, it’s come to my attention that discussions everywhere seem to be devoid of geoengineering.  While this is somewhat surprising—we tend to be a society that

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U.S. State & Regional Level Climate Policies

The United States has a number of initiatives as well as local, state, and federal policies, established to regulate the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.  Due to the decentralized nature of the country’s governmental structure, efforts at mitigation tend to vary

Climate Change Messaging in the United States

Climate change communication in the US has always been poor.  The media has repeatedly shied away from covering this rather topical issue, and when it does turn its attention to climate change, it is usually under the influence of someone

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U.S. Federal Regulation of Power Plant Emissions under the Clean Air Act

The United States’ transport and energy production sectors are the nation’s key sources of emissions.  Together they produce well over one half of the country’s greenhouse gases. As a result, the majority of climate policies that the U.S. currently has

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Introduction to the Smart Grid, Pt. 2

 What are the barriers to implementation?  As with any other large-scale and highly disruptive, proposed change, smart grids have faced opposition throughout the nation.  Challengers to the technology have cited a number of issues—in general, relatively valid issues—to back up

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Remember this?

Just a friendly reminder/blast-from-the-past, brought to you by the U.S. Country Group.

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ExxonMobil Climate & Carbon Risk Reports

At the tail end of last month, on the same day that Part 2 of the UN IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report was released to the public, ExxonMobil also published a pair of climate and carbon risk reports undermining the fact

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Introduction to the Smart Grid, Pt. 1

Here at the University of Texas, we are hosting one of our nation’s smart grid research groups, The Pecan Street Project.  I had the chance to hear members of the team present a couple of times recently, and the work

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Snapshot of Energy Use in the United States

Since it’s the beginning of the year, it might be a good idea to provide a general overview of what domestic energy consumption here in the US looks like.   From personal experience, I realize that despite feeling well read and

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