Author: Travis Clayton
Travis Clayton is a first year Masters of Global Policy Studies and Asian Studies student with a B.A. in Economics and Chinese from the University of Texas. His interests lie in Chinese energy policy and international finance. He has foreign experience living in Taiwan and interning at a consulting firm in Shanghai, China.

The Iron and Steel Industry in China: Part II

Please click here to access part I of this blog post. Market Barriers China’s growing import of iron ore and coking coal from abroad has resulted in a predicament of overreliance on a few key exporters, Australia, Brazil, and India,

The Iron and Steel Industry in China: Part I

These two blog posts will be my final contribution to the Major Economies and Climate Change Research Group prior to us uploading our China country paper. These posts will focus on China’s iron and steel industry’s current emissions and industrial

China’s Game Changer: The Environmental Protection Law Amendments

Yesterday, the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress announced its first revisions to the Environmental Protection Law in 25 years, which will be implemented starting January 1, 2015.  This game changer is the first product of Premier Li Keqiang’s

How Industries Fit In: Energy Efficiency Report Part II

Please click here to access part I of the Industrial sector’s overview. In order to address these recent developments in the industrial sector, we propose the following recommendations which target industrial emissions abatement potential and specific barriers towards abatement: Governments

How Industries Fit In: Energy Efficiency Report Part I

As preparation for our Major Economies and Climate Change Research presentation, I will be providing a brief overview of industry’s share of emissions within the energy efficiency sector. Specifically, these two posts will discuss the chemical, iron and steel, and

Local Progress in China

Beginning with Deng Xiaoping’s reform programs, Chinese cities have competed for the designation as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Categorization of a city or province as an SEZ ensured tax exemptions, foreign capital, and greater independence to trade, turning cities

China’s Five Year Plan: A Work in Progress

China has many reasons to celebrate the halfway mark of its twelfth Five Year Plan, implemented in 2011 with goals set for 2015. Serving as the economic and social development initiatives of the Communist Party of China, the Five Year

The State of the Chinese Solar Industry

With news of President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s negotiation in June of phasing out HFC usage in their countries, China’s new leadership has gained international attention in the fight against climate change. With China’s momentum on the

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