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Three Drivers for Energy Efficiency Emissions Reductions

There are a handful of promising venues for reducing global emissions, one of which is energy efficiency. Much of the appeal of energy efficiency is that, in addition to enabling emissions reductions, finding ways to do more with less energy

Energy Efficiency Carbon Mitigation Potential in the EU

Energy Efficiency[1] Background While Europe’s compact city design bodes well for transportation emissions mitigation, the aging buildings that comprise these cities poses a completely different set of challenges.  The buildings of the EU are responsible for 1.5 GtCO2e/year. This comes

Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector: An Overview

It is estimated that buildings account for approximately one third of total global greenhouse gas emissions and are responsible for 40 percent of the world’s energy use.  However, there is significant potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation

What’s in a Rating System

The building sector contributes a significant portion of the total global greenhouse gases. The 2009 McKinsey and Company report on Pathways to a Low-Carbon Economy cited building emissions as 18% of global GHG emissions. This can be as high as