Kennedy Williams

Kennedy Williams is a Dallas native and senior studying journalism. Her interest in highlighting experiences of those in underrepresented communities led her to writing and reporting. Kennedy is currently a co-editor-in-chief at ORANGE Magazine. A recent intern with #bossbabesATX, Kennedy is passionate about providing women with resources and telling their stories. In January of 2017, Kennedy and a group close friends founded Polychrome Mag, a publication that showcases the work of creatives of color.

A transfer student from NYU, Kennedy enjoys helping students find their community. The Moody Writing Support Program has been integral to Kennedy’s improvement as a writer, and she looks forward to helping other students believe in their inherent talents and trust the editing process.

When she isn’t in class or doing homework, Kennedy can be found watching videos on Bon Appétit’s YouTube channel, listening to a podcast, or compiling a list of books to read that never seems to shorten. 

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