Meara Isenberg

Meara is a journalism junior with an interest in magazine journalism and long-form storytelling. She has previously interned at The Dallas Morning News in the local news department, Edible Austin magazine, Austin Fit Magazine, and most recently, Texas Highways, the state’s official travel magazine. She’s written all kinds of pieces, from hard news stories to long features to listicles, and she’s truly enjoyed all of it.

Meara also really likes to help others strengthen their writing abilities. She’s edited stories in the news department of The Daily Texan for the past year, and wrote stories for the paper before that. She thinks it’s really fun to work with others on their writing, whether it’s to see their skills improve or just to catch a couple of spelling errors. She thinks editing is important no matter how good of a writer you are.

When she’s not doing English-y stuff, Meara likes to drink coffee, listen to music and explore Austin.

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