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Som Mukhopadhyay

Som Mukhopadhyay
M.B.B.S.; Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

Broad Research Interest: Studying the molecular regulation of physiologically-relevant cellular processes, such as intracellular membrane trafficking and metal ion homeostasis, and determining the mechanisms by which dysfunctions in these processes alter cell physiology to induce human disease.

Current Focus: 1. Molecular regulation of metal homeostasis and mechanisms underlying metal-induced parkinsonism; 2. Mechanisms mediating intracellular transport of Shiga and other bacterial toxins.

Federal Funding: 1. NIH/NIEHS “Pathway to Independence” K99/R00; 2. NIH/NIEHS “Outstanding New Environmental Scientist (ONES)”R01.

Graduate Program Affiliations: 1. Pharmaceutical Sciences (Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology); 2. Cell and Molecular Biology (Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology); 3. Biochemistry (Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology); 4. Neuroscience (Institute for Neuroscience).

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