IS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read our How to Apply page to get organized before you dive in! 
Find the application here : 
Apply now until October 14th!

Post to the NWFTalentSearch SubReddit Board!

We have created a private SubReddit just for New Works Festival applicants to which you may post comments [SEEKING] a project or comments for a [WANTED] collaborator. Interested students can then reply to those comments or use any contact information you post to connect! 

To use this board, you will need to create a user name and password. You can also setup your account to send email triggers when someone replies to your post. 

Access this board here :

Be sure to bookmark it so you can easily check back! 

NWF Application Workshop

Wednesday September 14th @ 5pm – 6:30pm Winship Room *TBD

  • How do I put my ideas into words?
  • What kind of work is the festival looking for?