Guest Artist Spotlight: Tiffany López


Tiffany López is a socially engaged dramaturge and the Director of the School of Film, Dance and Theatre at the ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. As a recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research, a Fulbright Scholar, and having held an role in academia for over 21 years, López is a wonderful leader in the arts and academic community. She previously founded the Latina/o Play Project at the Culver Center for the Arts at the University of California, Riverside because she wanted to diversify the arts community in California. Now in Phoenix, Arizona, she believes art should reflect the diverse cultures and languages in the community.

She is currently working on Mojada: A Mexican Medea in Los Angeles by Luis Alfaro for the Oregon Shakespeare FestivalMojada explores the trauma immigrants go through when traveling from a Latin American country to the United States. López believes art is a powerful way to portray acts of violence and trauma, and has stated that “the arts are about coming into voice, becoming present in your body, and sharing work for public witnessing – all things that violence and trauma try to destroy.”

She told the Phoenix New Times that she came into a creative career because it was “a means to widen the doors that were held open for [her] to find a path of healing and change.”

López is a first generation college student. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English at California State University, Sacramento and a master’s degree and a doctorate at the University of California, Santa Barbara. When asked what kind of new work she enjoys, she said she is excited by projects that show personal and collective stories about trauma and violence. If she could go back and give herself advice she would tell herself to “be bold, be brave [and] embrace the fear.”

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