Guest Artist Spotlight: Joseph Keckler


Joseph Keckler is a singer, writer, musician and performance artist that has been named “Best Downtown Performance Artist in New York” by the Village Voice, and a “major vocal talent” by The New York Times.

Keckler’s desire to work in the arts started when he was around five or six years old. He comes from an artistically creative family that were all very supportive of his dreams.

He is currently working on several projects, including an album of songs that will come out later this year. Other projects include a book of essays, stories and performance texts that are also scheduled for release in 2017. Additionally, Keckler is developing “Let Me Die, a performance piece that will involve many operatic deaths from the operatic canon combined with original material.”

When asked what kind of new work excites him, Keckler shared that he is “interested in work that is soulful, generous and dangerous.” He enjoys projects that portray urgency, “duende, virtuosity, wit and depth of vision.”

We also asked Keckler what advice he would give himself at the start of his career, if he could go back and impose wisdom on his younger self. Keckler said, “If time travel were possible I’d like to think I’d embark on a somewhat more thrilling mission. However, I might tell myself to be bolder, trust my gut, stop fighting myself and to simply say no to projects I clearly found repulsive. I think it is important for anyone to invest in developing their work over a long period of time. Also, it’s good to remember that distinctive voices are not pleasing to everyone’s ears, so it’s necessary to become accustomed to rejection.”