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Kat Lozano’s “Matrilineal”

How far does the apple fall from the tree? In the age of fourth-wave feminism and Hillary Clinton, how do the women of today align with the women that came before them? Matrilineal explores lineage and the role it plays

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Rage to Heal

Rage to Heal is a devised piece moving through Black rage toward Black healing, collectively created by a community of singers, dancers, writers, actors and visionaries. We sat down with project leads Alaina Monts, 1st year Master of Arts student

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Matthew Hernandez’s “Work”

Work explores the humanity behind the labor that keeps the university operating. Through a devised experience, the audience explores the stories of maintenance and custodial employees at The University of Texas at Austin. Inspired by audio-recorded interviews, Work offers untold insight

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TITLE LOADING creates a live event that meshes Dan Deacon’s ‘America’ album and the question of “what are the effects of a self curated life?” The performance experiments with how we write our autobiographies online and how we wade through the

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The Gospel According to Jocelyn

The Gospel According to Jocelyn is an autobiographical motion picture that details Jocelyn Chambers’ personal experiences as a black woman in America. The performance cycles through the different stages of Chambers’ life from her physical creation to her self-identity. The

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Guest Artist Spotlight: Kristin Marting

From the young age of 10, Kristin Marting wrote, directed and acted in her first play, The Mysterious Death of Irving Schwartz. Now she is the Artistic Director of HERE, an organization that aims to build a community of artists that want to

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Guest Artist Spotlight: Jim Findlay

Jim Findlay is a director, designer, writer and creator. He is a founding member of the Collapsable Giraffe and the music/media performance company, Accinosco/Cynthia Hopkins. He is currently working on a performance ritual, Vine of the Dead, which will be performed at the Fusebox

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Guest Artist Spotlight: Katherine Profeta

Katherine Profeta is an NYC based dramaturg and choreographer, and a founding member of Elevator Repair Service, an award-winning New York City theatre company. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance at Queens

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Lizzy Tan’s “Hollow”

Hollow explores the loss of loved ones and reflects on the experiences and feelings that come with a traumatic loss. Lizzy Tan (project lead), Ben Stevenson (composer), and Rachel Frock (media designer) have recently experienced traumatic losses and wanted to

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Guest Artist Spotlight: Ken Cerniglia

Imagine developing over fifty shows for professional, amateur and school productions and adapting Broadway shows like Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid for junior audiences. That is exactly what Ken Cerniglia has done since becoming the literary manager for Disney

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