Month: April 2013

A Day in the Life

Nursing student Clay Clark (J2) gives us a look at a typical day on campus at the University of Texas at Austin, in particular around and about the School of Nursing. And so ends another day in the life of

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Student vs. Alumni

What kind of college student were you? And how does that translate to your alumni status? Were you an active student involved in clubs, sororities, extracurricular classes? Did you work to put yourself through school? Were you married? Everyone sees

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New Kid on the Block

On a crisp February morning in Indiana in 2000, I entered a new nursing unit with the title of Registered Nurse behind my name. When I graduated nursing school just two months prior, I never dreamed of being an educator.

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Unintended Consequences: How Telehealth Can Fail to Manage Chronic Diseases

In my last blog, I illustrated the potential benefits of telehealth in managing chronic diseases in the community. In this blog, however, we will see how telehealth can fail to achieve its intended objectives. 1.   Financial benefits? A home health

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