A Day in the Life

Nursing student Clay Clark (J2) gives us a look at a typical day on campus at the University of Texas at Austin, in particular around and about the School of Nursing.

Digital clock showing 8:29 with books and other items on shelf

It’s 8:29 and time to head to class. (This is considered sleeping-in to a nursing student!)

Sleepy student in bed

Yet even then, it’s never easy to get out of my nice, comfortable bed.

View of street and buildings

At least I get a nice, refreshing walk from Jester (my dorm) to the nursing building.

View on campus of UT Austin

Seriously, just look at this view. And this is practically downtown Austin!

Two smiling students

I hope we look more thrilled than we are for Adult Health this morning. (Trust us, Mrs. Peters really is a fantastic professor!)

Two smiling students

Hanging out and eating O’s with friends between classes with a killer backdrop of downtown Austin.

Classroom of nursing students

Time for Mental Health! (I apologize to my friends I caught off guard…)

Nursing professor teaching about mental illness

Listening to the always hilarious Mrs. Walker talk about mental illnesses.

Nursing student working on mannequin in skills lab

Time to practice some tracheostomy suction. Around here, when they say hands-on, they mean hands-on!

Two smiling students

Adult Health studying, here we come. At least we’re in the brand new Student Activity Center.

Nursing student studying

Wait, what is a cystoscopy again?

View from atop School of Nursing building, UT Austin

And finally, time to unwind at a Senate Financial Directors meeting atop the SAC with — again — a phenomenal view. (Yes, everywhere on campus is beautiful!)

And so ends another day in the life of a UT Austin School of Nursing student. Did you get to see some of your favorite spots? If we didn’t include a photo of a place you think says “School of Nursing,” let us know!



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