Meet the Staff: Jane Keller

Welcome to another in the series “Meet the Staff,” in which we showcase some of the School of Nursing’s long-time (and often unsung) staff members. Jane Keller has served as executive assistant to the dean for eleven years.

Dean's executive assistant

Jane Keller, executive assistant to the dean of the School of Nursing

On Working at the School of Nursing:

I have always thought nursing was one of the noblest professions. Working around a school full of nurses and students desiring to be has given me an even deeper appreciation for those who are. I really do love my job because I like to stay busy. I enjoy the variety of activities in the dean’s office and have yet to experience a boring day. I’m good behind the scenes.

On Her Most Important Life Lesson:

I learned from my dad to treat people the same, regardless of what their position was. That was driven home to me. Whether you are dealing with the president of a corporation or an ambassador or a janitor, there should be no difference in the way you treat people. It’s something I’ve always tried to carry through.

On Growing Up in Travis Heights in Austin:

It was a beautiful neighborhood with lots of gorgeous trees. We kids would be gone all day and would come home for dinner — then we would stay out late into the night. We would go to the creek and climb trees and swimming at Deep Eddy and Barton Springs. My daddy would take us there, and we had picnics. All those simple kind of things. It was a great time to grow up. Kids are indoors more these days, it seems to me.

On People Who Inspired Her:

My Great Aunt Addison was the most fascinating woman I had ever known. She lived in Winchester, Texas. She was postmistress in her little town. She could do anything. She was fearless, loving, kind. Everyone respected her. She was just her own person. She never married. She had lots of nieces and nephews. I was named after her — my middle name.

On Her Favorite American:

I’ve read many books on Abraham Lincoln. He was such an amazing man. He experienced one failure after another and he never gave up. He had unbelievable things said about him. He had a lot of strife in his life. And he persevered. He knew who he was and he pressed on. If other people would have had the chance to walk in his shoes, they probably would have given up!

On Her Favorite Pastimes:

Gardening is at the top of my list — it’s my therapy. I also love to cook, read and consider myself an amateur decorator.

Contributed by Michelle Voss

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