Student Organization Promotes Nurse Leadership

The University of Texas Nursing Students’ Association (UTNSA) is the largest nursing student organization on the 40 acres. UTNSA represents the nursing student body on campus and provides all students who are interested in nursing a supportive and positive environment.

Nursing students at convention

UTNSA officers for 2016–17

This past year, UTNSA was dedicated to increasing transparency; becoming more active in campus-wide organizations, such as the Senate of Student Councils and the Student Government; increasing volunteer activities with a focus on hands-on experience in nursing; and providing support and care to each of our members. Throughout, we have been reminded of the importance of creating a community that upholds the excellence and dedication to nursing.

This past week, seven UTNSA members attended the Texas Nursing Students’ Association (TNSA) Convention with Dr. Leigh Goldstein, our faculty sponsor. UTNSA had two resolutions passed by the House of Delegates by unanimous vote. The two resolutions were “In support of Increase Education of Stigma Related to Severe Mental Illness,” written by Hakeem Shoola, and “In support of Increase Education to Parents on Liquid Medication to Prevent Medication Errors,” written by Crystal Guy and Linda Yoo.

UTNSA prepared the resolutions during the fall semester by creating a legislative committee, which brainstormed ideas for the resolutions, assisted in research and provided input on the final resolutions. Hakeem Shoola, a junior nursing student, represented UTNSA as a delegate, voting and expressing the organization’s views on certain resolutions and candidates.

During the convention, UTNSA members were able to meet members from different schools and backgrounds, participate in the House of Delegates, attend focus sessions, and meet an alumnus in Houston. Throughout the convention, we were able to witness the power of nursing.

Cindy Zolnierek, executive director of the Texas Nurses Association, was the keynote speaker. She spoke about the rapidly changing health care environment and reminded us about the inability of technology to replace the kind words of a nurse, a therapeutic touch and the role of a nurse in a patient’s life. She encouraged all of us to not only be leaders in our school and hospitals but also in the larger community.

Nurses are leaders, innovators, policymakers, researchers, professors, patient advocates and so much more. The convention made it even more clear that nurses have many roles to fill in society and use their position to uplift others. It was a reminder that nurses never give up; regardless of the resistance and barriers created by society, nurses strive and seek for more because of their compassion for humanity.

By passing two resolutions, UTNSA hopes to be part of the larger movement in providing safe, effective and efficient health care to all.

Anyone interested in UTNSA can come by one of our general meetings at 7 p.m., Wednesday, March 29 or Thursday, April 13 in CLA 1.106. Please check out UTNSA website or find us on the University of Texas Nursing Students’ Association on Facebook for recent news and to sign up for our newsletter!

—Linda Yoo, President of UTNSA

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