The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing is one of the leading nursing schools in the nation, with a history of excellence in academics, research, and service. We earn this distinction because of our:

  • Diverse, engaged students taught by dedicated faculty
  • Cutting-edge research conducted by nursing school faculty focusing on health behaviors and health promotion across the lifespan
  • Service through our community-based clinics
  • Collaborative partnerships

The Longhorn Nursing blog is one way we reach out to and stay in touch with students, alumni and the general public with engaging posts on subjects ranging from research, educational programs, School of Nursing events and announcements, and important information and newsy updates.

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  1. Jennifer Owen says:


    I am going through the pre-reqs for the AE-MSN and just have a quick question. I just want to make sure I read the information sheet right. I need 5 of the stated pre-reqs classes and three of them have to be Microbiology, Anatomy, and Physiology. So that mean I don’t have to take nutrition for example and could take stats?

    Thank you so much

  2. Cassandra Borjas says:

    For the Full Time Students, how many days a week would they attend class?
    Also, do many of your students FT work and go to school, or is it recommended not to?
    -Cassandra Borjas

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