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Three Life-changing Days

If given three days to learn from some of the greatest public health influences of our country, be provided with evidence-based tools and resources for professional growth, and to receive a mini-grant for planning a community program, how would you

Let’s Raise Our Horns (and Some Money!)

A lot can happen in 40 hours! You’ve not heard from me as a guest blogger before, but I can’t think of a better time to ask for your help for nursing education. This week the School of Nursing will

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Vaccines and the Retreat from Common Sense

This thing of American parents refusing to vaccinate their children makes about as much sense to me as countries that don’t educate their female children. Both are choices based on ideologies that defy reason; both can cause irreparable harm. We

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Welcome to a New Semester

I always find the beginning of the school year to be exciting and full of promise for the future. A new year always offers a new start, with opportunities to engage with new professors, confront and challenge new ideas and

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An Alumna Looks Back at the Past and Forward to the Future

“Thoughts on the University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing, Brackenridge Hospital and the New Medical School” —Norine Yukon My mother’s cousin was a general surgeon in Austin, and I started working for him when I was eighteen. Originally,

Meeting the Challenges and Complexities of Today’s Health Care System

It isn’t often one gets a chance to make major social and public health policy changes — such as transforming the U.S. health care system — but at The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing, faculty, students and

Meet the Staff: Kevin Machate

In addition to working part-time for the School of Nursing, Kevin Machate attends The University of Texas at Austin and was recently named one of the most impressive students on campus by Business Insider. We caught up with him between