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Vaccines and the Retreat from Common Sense

This thing of American parents refusing to vaccinate their children makes about as much sense to me as countries that don’t educate their female children. Both are choices based on ideologies that defy reason; both can cause irreparable harm. We

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At the Learning Center

Many of you may be very familiar with the School of Nursing Learning Center on the 5th floor of the Nursing building. Some of you may not be familiar with the Learning Center on the 5th floor at all. Some

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Dell Medical School Update

Note: The following is a recent interview with Robert Messing, M.D., Vice Provost for Biomedical Sciences Q: What is your first impression of The University of Texas at Austin? The culture here is very congenial and the administration is very,

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Unintended Consequences: How Telehealth Can Fail to Manage Chronic Diseases

In my last blog, I illustrated the potential benefits of telehealth in managing chronic diseases in the community. In this blog, however, we will see how telehealth can fail to achieve its intended objectives. 1.   Financial benefits? A home health

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