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We Are the Change: Welcome to a New Semester

It’s been said: Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one. Well, we’ve made quite a few since my last blog. It’s been a very busy and productive time. We’ve changed physically and have launched some great

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The Big Picture

In May my mother-in-law experienced a syncope episode while shopping at the outlets. Luckily she felt dizzy and sat down before she passed out. My father-in-law became paralyzed with fear, but gracious bystanders came to his aid. The emergency medical

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Welcome to a New Semester

I always find the beginning of the school year to be exciting and full of promise for the future. A new year always offers a new start, with opportunities to engage with new professors, confront and challenge new ideas and

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Dell Medical School Construction Update

Things are changing here at the UT Austin School of Nursing. Seriously changing! Once ground was broken for the Dell Medical School and a new teaching hospital on April 21, it’s been full steam ahead. Parking lots have been ripped

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A Letter to Incoming Freshmen

I met a wonderful young lady the other night while watching the Longhorns play in the Alamo Bowl at a local Dallas restaurant. It is common practice at these gatherings to meet with alumni, engage in conversations and tell stories

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Student Nurses to the Rescue

Hurricane and fire seasons are upon us and a Boston-style bombing could happen at any time in any American city. Is Austin ready for an emergency? Experts with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that disaster preparedness efforts

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Meet the Staff: Ruth Brady

Ruth Brady is division assistant and administrative support guru for faculty at the UT Austin School of Nursing. She has been in that position since 1994 — almost 20 years — and knows everyone and just about everything to do

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Welcome to a New Semester

You really know that time is flying when you find yourself saying “welcome” to the Class of 2017! We’ve got a wonderful group of undergraduates joining the School of Nursing family this fall for their J1 semester and have high

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Let Me Give You Some Advice

The School of Nursing is committed to ensuring that students achieve their personal, academic and career objectives by helping them develop meaningful academic plans compatible with their educational and life goals. Our team of academic advisors help students to understand

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