2021-22 Board Members


Malia Hamilton, ’22, is originally from Maui, HI. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Plan II, International Relations and Global Studies, Government, and English. After graduating, she worked for a year at Walt Disney World, a year in refugee resettlement in Syracuse, NY, and a year in a small immigration law firm in Houston, TX. She spent her 1L summer working for the Impact Litigation Team at Texas Legal Services Center. Her 2L summer was spent at Lone Star Justice Alliance doing juvenile justice work. She hopes to pursue a career in civil and human rights law. In her spare time, Malia enjoys knitting, riding her bike, recording a podcast with her sister, and spending time with her cat, Egwene. 

Internal Vice President



Sophie Primeaux





External Vice President

My name is Zacharie Kump. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2019 with a
bachelor of arts in Letters with a focus on Constitutional Studies. In my free time I enjoy cross- stitching and science fiction novels. After graduating I hope to become a public defender. To all members new and old, I am excited to get to know you better and provide support in whatever ways I can.

Finance Director

Hey there! My name is Ethan Tse and I am a 2020 UPenn alumni who majored in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) and minored in Legal Studies, History, and Hispanic studies. 

I matriculated in the fall of 2020 to the University of Texas School of Law. As a first-year law student, I served as a 1L Representative to the Student Bar Association, edited for the Texas International Law Journal, and was on the board of the Texas Business Law Society. During the summer of 2021, I worked at Jones Day in Dallas, concentrating in Corporate Restructuring, M & A, Real Estate, and Antitrust matters. Recently, I led a cross-university initiative to assist lawyers in Myanmar facing human rights violations by partnering with the International Bridges to Justice (IBJ). In the fall of 2021, I will begin my 2L year and serve as the Financial Directorfor OUTLaw, the Texas Business Law Society, and the Student Bar Association. I will also be editing for Texas Law Review and working as a teaching assistant to Professor Cunningham in his MBA and Law School course, Corporate Governance. On my off days, I help family and friends with their California real estate transactions as a licensed real estate agent with Coldwell Banker. 

Social Directors

Ben Gregg is a 3L and OUTLaw’s Social Chair. He likes to go on hikes and take pictures of birds. If you have an idea for a cool event, email him at bengregg@utexas.edu







John Myers

Undergrad – The University of Notre Dame (Electrical Engineering, 2018)
Favorites – Drinking/Bars, MCU, Politics
Type of Law – Litigation, specifically IP/patent litigation
Welcome to UT Law and OUTLaw!



Mentorship Coordinator

Mackenzie Holst (she/they)

TCU Class of 2017, Political Science major, Journalism minor. My favorite shows are Bojack Horseman and Neon Genesis Evangelion, also Haikyuu for when I want some serotonin. I play a lot of video games, mostly single-player indies. Like everyone else, I also developed a K-pop addiction in quarantine and I’m a huge fan of pop music in general. You can find me hosting karaoke parties at my house every weekend. Currently I’m planning on working in the family law realm of public interest law, assisting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. But anything in the public interest/legal aid realm is where my passion lies.
New members, I’m so excited to meet y’all! I was a remote student for all of last year so I can’t say I’ll be very helpful with directions, but for everything else, I’m here for you!



Communications Directors


Hey y’all! My name is Josue Teniente, and I’m the co-communications chair for OUTLaw this year! I’m a rising 3L with an interest in immigration and family law. I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in History and Sociology. This past summer, I worked with the law firm of Lincoln-Goldfinch law, an immigration firm that works on family and humanitarian assistance. I’ve also worked with the Equal Justice Center, a non-profit law firm helping workers get their unpaid wages, so if you’re interested in public interest or just have general questions, feel free to stop me to say hi and chat (from 6 feet away, of course). I love to cook all kinds of food and watch Netflix as a way to unwind. I look forward to seeing y’all around!

June Hormell ’22 graduated from University of Houston in 2019 with Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Economics, and a Masters in Public Policy. They spent their 1L summer at Bayou City Waterkeeper, working to protect Houston’s waters and wetlands from pollution. They spent this summer working for Texas Applseed on data equity. June can be found playing with their dog, Nala, or trying to learn Tik Tok dances.


Inter-Affinity Coordinator




Blue Ware





1L Representative


Jordan Hyden, ‘24, attended the University of North Texas and majored in Political Science and Rhetoric. She’s interested in movement lawyering and wants to seek a career in public interest litigation. You can find Jordan participating in the Gender Affirmation Clinic, drinking iced lavender oatmilk lattes at Epoch Coffee, and insisting that Twilight is actually a cinematic masterpiece. Before law school, she interned at EMILY’s List and worked as a tour guide at her parents’ small family zoo. She is thrilled to serve as a 1L representative, and hopes to assist in fostering a space that makes law school a more welcoming place for queer students.