Here are some of PASP’s current and past members. Most of these are graduate students studying Bronze Age Archaeology, with a special emphasis on Linear B and related scripts. They also work on Studies in Mycenaean Scripts and Dialect (SMID), which is published by PASP.

Also be sure to look at the Publications page to view any articles or presentations that we have posted.

Don’t miss the conversation with Tom Palaima from the pages of Alcalde!!

Current staff:
Director: Thomas Palaima
Dygo Tosa

Past staff:
Faculty: Cynthia Shelmerdine
Kevin Pluta
Joann Gulizio
Stephie Nikoloudis
Dimitri Nakassis
Amy Dill
Sarah James
Alicia Carter
John Friend
Christina Skelton

Reports from Guests, Visitors, and Friends to PASP
Search for all reports

Some featured reports from the past:
José Melena’s visit (1999)
José Luis Garcia Ramón’s visit (2005)
Alison Fell’s visit (2005)
Carlos Varias Garcia’s visit (2008)
Jörg Weilhartner’s visit (2008)
Jerry Eisenberg’s visit (2008)

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