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Listed below are all of the articles that we have available in electronic format. Those with the Adobe Acrobat icon next to them are in .pdf format, while those with the html icon are viewable as websites. We will alert you to additions to this page at the Latest News site.

by Joann Gulizio:
[PDF]”Hermes and e-ma-a2: The Continuity of his Cult from the Bronze Age to the Historical Period,” Proceedings from the International Conference Antiquitas Viva 5-7 December 2000, Ziva Antika. (719 KB)
[PDF]”A-re in the Linear B Tablets and the Continuity of the Cult of Ares in the Historical Period,” Journal of Prehistoric Religion 15 (2001) 32-38. (482 KB)

by Sarah James:
[PDF]”The Thebes tablets and the Fq series: A Contextual Analysis,” Minos 37-38 [2002-2003]

by Amanda Krauss:
[PDF]”i-je-ro and Related Terms,” Journal of Prehistoric Religion 15 (2001) 39-50. (738 KB)

by Susan Lupack:
[PDF]”The Northeast Building of Pylos and An 1281,” in The Proceedings of the 12th International Mycenological Colloquium, vol. II, A. Sacconi, L. Godart and M. Del Freo, eds., Biblioteca di Pasiphae series, Rome 2008, pp. 467-484.

[PDF]”Deities and Religious Personnel as Collectors,” in Fiscality in Mycenaean and Near Eastern Archives, M. Perna, ed., Studi Egei e Vicinorientali vol. 3, Naples 2006, pp. 89-108.

by Dimitri Nakassis
[PDF]Review of A Companion to Linear B. Mycenaean Greek Texts and their World. Volume 1.
[PDF]Review of The Talking Greeks: Speech, Animals, and the Other in Homer, Aeschylus, and Plato.
[PDF]”Athens, Kylon, and the Dipolieia,” in Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 51 (2011) pp. 527-536.

[PDF]”Named individuals and the Mycenaean state at Pylos,” Colloquium Romanum: Atti del XII colloquio internazionale di micenologia. Rome 2008, pp. 549-561.

by Stephie Nikoloudis
[PDF]”The role of the ra-wa-ke-ta. Insights from PY Un 718,” Colloquium Romanum: Atti del XII colloquio internazionale di micenologia. Rome 2008, pp. 587-594.
[PDF]”Animal Sacrifice in the Mycenaean World,” Journal of Prehistoric Religion 15 (2001) 11-31. (1.22 MB)

by Tom Palaima:

[PDF] “Security and Insecurity as Tools of Power in Mycenaean Palatial Kingdoms,” Études mycéniennes 2010. Actes du XIII[e] colloque international sur les textes égéens, Sèvres, Paris, Nanterre, 20-23 septembre 2010, édités par Pierre Carlier, Charles De Lamberterie, Markus Egetmeyer, Nicole Guilleux, Françoise Rougemont, Julien Zurbach, Pasiphae Pisa-Rome 2012, pp. 345-356.
[PDF] “Kosmos in the Mycenaean Texts: The Response of Mycenaean ‘Scribes’ to the Culture of Kosmos,” M.-L. Nosch and R. Laffineur eds., Kosmos: Jewellery, Adornment and Textile in the Aegean Bronze Age (Aegaeum 33, Leuven – Liège 2012) 697-703 + figures CLIX-CLX.
[PDF] “KO Ko 2010 Cloth fragments of the Rapinewiad,” in M.-L. Nosch and R. Laffineur eds., Kosmos: Jewellery, Adornment and Textile in the Aegean Bronze Age (Aegaeum 33, Leuven – Liège 2012) pp. 807-810.
[PDF] “Time the Revelator,” in Times Higher Education May 17, 2012, pp. 38-43.
[PDF (and Bibliography)] “Euboea, Athens, Thebes and Kadmos: The Implications of the Linear B References,” in D. W. Rupp, J. E. Tomlinson et al. (eds.) Euboea and Athens: Proceedings of a Colloquium in Memory of Malcolm B. Wallace. Athens, 26-27 June 2009. Publications of the Canadian Institute in Greece, No. 6, 2011, pp. 53-76
[PDF]”Scribes, Scribal Hands and Palaeography,” in Y. Duhoux and A. Morpurgo Davies, eds., A Companion to Linear B. Mycenaean Greek Texts and their World. Volume 2, 2011, pp. 33-136.
[PDF]”Continuity from the Mycenaean Period in an Historical Boeotian Cult of Poseidon (and Erinys),” in Festschrift for Spyros Iakovidis, pp. 527-536.
[HTML]”1984: It’s Coming,” in Times Higher Education, 3 September 2009
[PDF]”A new Linear B inscription from the land down under: AUS HO(ME) Bo 2008,” in F. Louise A. Hitchcock, Robert Laffineur and Janice Crowley eds., DAIS. The Aegean Feast (Aegaeum 29), Liège and Austin, 2008, pp. 429-432.
[PDF]”The significance of Myceneaean words relating to meals, meal rituals, and food,” in Louise A. Hitchcock, Robert Laffineur and Janice Crowley eds., DAIS. The Aegean Feast (Aegaeum 29), Liège and Austin, 2008, pp. 383-389.
[PDF][HTML]”The Tools of Power,” Tom Palaima’s Times Higher Education feature article
[PDF]”Mycenaean Religion,” in C.W. Shelmerdine, ed., The Cambridge Companion to the Aegean Bronze Age (CUP 2008) 342-355, 358-361.
[PDF][HTML]”The spark that tingled to my bones,” Tom Palaima’s Times Higher Education Cover Story
[PDF]”Ilios, Tros and Tlos: Continuing Problems with to-ro, to-ro-o, to-ro-wo, to-ro-ja, wi-ro and a-si-wi-ja/a-si-wi-jo” in F. Lang, C. Reiholdt and J. Weilhärtner, eds. Stephanos Aristeios. Festschrift für Stefan Hiller zum 65. Geburtstag (Phoibos Verlag Vienna 2007) 197-204.
[PDF]”Mycenaean Society and Kingship: Cui Bono? A Counter-Speculative View,” in S.P. Morris and R. Laffineur eds., Epos. Reconsidering Greek Epic and Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology (Aegeaum 28: Liége and Austin 2007) 129-140.
[PDF]”Civilian Knowledge of War and Violence in Ancient Athens and Modern America,” in Michael Cosmopoulos ed., Experiencing War: Trauma and Society from Ancient Greece to the Iraq War (Chicago 2007) 9-34. ISBN 0-89005-606-4978.
[PDF (text) PDF (figs)]”Kn02 – Tn 316,” in S. Deger-Jalkotzy et al. eds., Floreant Studia Mycenaea. Akten des X. Internationalen Mykenologischen Colloquiums in Salzburg vom 1.-5. Mai 1995 (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften Philosophisch-Historische Klasse Denkschriften 274: Vienna 1999) Band II, 437-461.
[PDF]”The Last Days of the Pylos Polity,” in R. Laffineur and W.-D. Niemeier eds., Politeia: Society and State in the Aegean Bronze Age, Aegaeum 12 (Liège 1995) 623-633, plate LXXIV.
[PDF]”Mycenaean Militarism from a Textual Perspective. Onomastics in Context: lawos, damos, klewos,” in R. Laffineur ed., Polemos: Warfare in the Aegean Bronze Age (Aegaeum 19: Liège and Austin 1999) 367-378.
[PDF]”The Nature of the Mycenaean Wanax: Non-Indo-European Origins and Priestly Functions,” in P. Rehak ed., The Role of the Ruler in the Prehistoric Aegean, Aegaeum 11 (Liège 1995) 119-139, plates XLI-XLII.
[PDF](with Elizabeth Sikkenga) “Linear A > Linear B,” MELETEMATA. Studies in Aegean Archaeology Presented to Malcolm H. Wiener as He Enters His 65th Year (Aegaeum 20: Liège and Austin 1999) 599-608.
[PDF]”Courage and Prowess Afoot in Homer and the Vietnam of Tim O’Brien,” Classical and Modern Literature 20.3 (2000): 1-22.
[PDF]”OL Zh 1: Quousque tandem?” Minos 37-38 (2002-2003) pp. 373-385.
[PDF]”wanaks and related power terms in Mycenaean and later Greek,” I. Lemos ed., From Wanax to Basileus (Papers of the 3rd Leventis Seminar)
[PDF]”FAR? or ju? and other interpretative conundra in the new Thebes Tablets,” Acta of the Internationales Forschungskolloquium der Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna 12/05-06/02
[PDF]The Triple Invention of Writing in Cyprus and Written Sources for Cypriote History (Annual Lecture 2004: The Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation 2005). Pp. 64.
[PDF]”Linear B Sources [for Greek mythology],” in S. Trzaskoma, R. Scott Smith, and S. Brunet eds., Anthology of Classical Myth: Primary Sources in Translation (Hackett 2004), 439-454.
[PDF]”Syntax and Context as Tools for Interpreting Mycenaean Texts and Scribal Processes: Un 718, Ta 709 and K(1) 740,” Analecta Homini Universali Dicata: Festschrift für Oswald Panagl zum 65. Geburtstag (Verlag Hans-Dieter Heinz 2004) 268-278
[PDF]”Family Leave at UT Austin,” Cloelia 32.2 (2004) 14-19. (148 KB)
[PDF]”Sacrificial Feasting in the Linear B tablets,” in J. C. Wright ed., The Mycenaean Feast, Hesperia 73.2 (2004) 217-246. (700 KB)
[PDF]”Mycenaean Accounting Methods and Systems and Their Place Within Mycenaean Palatial Civilization,” in C. Wunsch and Michael Hudson eds., Creating Economic Order: Record-Keeping, Standardization and the Development of Accounting in the Ancient Near East, International Scholars Conference on Ancient Near Eastern Economies Vol. 4 (Baltimore:CDL Press 2004) 269-301 (199 KB)
[PDF]”The Texas Professoriate and Public Political Discourse Before and After 9/11,” Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies 1:1 (2004), 89-99. (87 KB)
[PDF]”Archaeology and Text: Decipherment, Translation and Interpretation,” in J.K. Papadopoulos and R.M. Leventhal eds., Theory and Practice in Mediterranean Archaeology: Old World and New World Perspectives (Cotsen Advanced Seminars 1, The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, University of California, Los Angeles 2003) pp. 45-73, bibliography 319-378 (6.22 MB)
[PDF]”‘Archives’ and ‘Scribes’ and Information Hierarchy in Mycenaean Greek Linear B Records,” in Maria Brosius ed., Ancient Archives and Archival Traditions (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2003) 153-194 figs. 8.1-8.9. (2.0 MB)
[PDF]”The Inscribed Bronze ‘Kessel’ from Shaft Grave IV and Cretan Heirlooms of the Bronze Age Artist named ‘Aigeus’ vel sim. in the Mycenaean Palatial Period,” in Y. Duhoux ed., BRICIAKA. A Tribute to W. C. Brice = Cretan Studies 9 [2003] 187-201, pl. XXXI. (1.09 MB)
[PDF]”The Browning Version’s and Classical Greek,” in B. Amden, P. Flensted-Jensen, T.H. Nielsen, A. Schwartz, and Chr. G. Tortzen eds., Noctes Atticae. Studies in Greco-Roman Antiquity and Its Nachleben (Museum Tusculanum Press, Copenhagen 2002 ISBN: 87-72-89-778-3) 199-214 (0.98 MB)
[PDF]”Special vs. Normal Mycenaean: Hand 24 and Writing in the Service of the King?” in J. Bennet and J. Driessen eds., A-NA-QO-TA. Festschrift for J.T. Killen (Minos 33-34: Salamanca 2002) 205-221. (932 KB)
[PDF]”themis in the Mycenaean Lexicon and the Etymology of the Place-Name *ti-mi-to a-ko,” Faventia 22/1 (2000) 7-19. (727 KB)
[PDF][with E. Pope and F. Kent Reilly] Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Writing: The Parallel Lives of Michael Ventris and Linda Schele and the Decipherment of Mycenaean and Mayan Writing, Catalogue of an Exhibition Held at the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, March 9–August 1, 2000 (Austin 2000) Pp. vi + 34. 24 text figures. [rev. THES (09/01/00) 25] (2.38 MB)
[PDF]”Classics: Apocalypse Now or Working Toward the Future?” Classical Bulletin 75.1 (1999) 85-97. (1.14 MB)
[PDF]”Michael Ventris’s Blueprint,” Discovery. Research and Scholarship at The University of Texas at Austin 13:2 (1993) 20-26. (3.0 MB)

by Vassilis Petrakis:
[PDF]”Localising Pylian Religion: Thoughts on the geographic References in the Fr Tablets Provoked by a New Quasi-Join,” Pasiphae 4 (2010) 199-215.
[PDF]”Politics of the sea in the Late Bronze Age II-III Aegean: iconographic preferences and textual perspectives,” in G. Vavouranakis ed., The seascape in Aegean prehistory (Monographs of the Danish Institute in Athens 14: 2011) 185-234
[PDF]”E-ke-ra2-wo ? wa-na-ka: The Implications of a Probable Non-Identification for Pylian Feasting and Politics.” Dais: The Aegean Feast. Aegaeum 29 (2008) 391-399

by Kevin Pluta:
[PDF]”A Reconstruction of the Archives Complex at Pylos: A Preliminary Report,” Minos 31-32, 1996-97 (1998), pp.231-250. (866 KB)

by Peter van Alfen:
[PDF]”The Linear B Inscribed Stirrup Jars as Links in an Administrative Chain,” Minos 31-32 (1996-1997 [1998]) 251-274. (1.41 MB)

by Dimitri Nakassis and Kevin Pluta:
[PDF]”Linear A and Multidimensional Scaling.” In Metron: Measuring the Aegean Bronze Age, Aegaeum 24, ed. K.P. Foster and R. Laffineur, (2003) 335-342. (1.02 MB)

by Joann Gulizio, Tom Palaima, and Kevin Pluta
[PDF]”Religion in the Room of the Chariot Tablets,” in R. Hägg and R. Laffineur eds., Potnia (Aegeaum 22: Liège and Austin 2001) 453-461. (973 KB)

Reviews by Tom Palaima:
[PDF] rev. of Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East
[HTML] rev. of The Poetry of Thought: From Hellenism to Celan
[HTML] rev. of The Last Pagans of Rome
[HTML] rev. of Invisible Romans: Prostitutes, Outlaws, Slaves, Gladiators, Ordinary Men and Women…The Romans That History Forgot
[PDF]review of The Casualty Gap: The Causes and Consequences of American Wartime Inequalities
[HTML] rev. of Imperialism, Power, and Identity: Experiencing the Roman Empire
[PDF]review of A New History of the Peloponnesian War
[HTML] rev. of African American Writers and Classical Tradition
[HTML] rev. of Freedom Is Not Enough: The War on Poverty and the Civil Rights Movement in Texas
[HTML] rev. of Catching Out: The Secret World of Day Laborers
[HTML] rev. of Unquenchable
[HTML] rev. of Beyond the Revolution: A History of American Thought from Paine to Pragmatism
[HTML] rev. of All My Bones Shake: Seeking a Progressive Path to the Prophetic Voice
[HTML] rev. of Just How Stupid Are We? Facing the Truth About the American Voter and The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Come to Be
[HTML] rev. of The War Comes Home:Washington’s Battle Against America’s Veterans
[HTML] rev. of Nine Lives: Death and Life in New Orleans
[HTML] rev. of Ancient Rome and Modern America
[HTML] rev. of The Inheritance of Rome: A History of Europe from 400 to 1000
[HTML] rev. of The Dynamite Club: How a Bombing in Fin-de-Siècle Paris Ignited the Age of Modern Terror
[HTML] rev. of Attila the Hun
[HTML] rev. of Always I Am Caesar
[HTML] rev. of America’s Rasputin: Walt Rostow and the Vietnam War
[HTML] rev. of Worlds at War: The 2,500-Year Struggle between East and West
[HTML] rev. of That the World May Know: Bearing Witness to Atrocity
[HTML] rev. of A Tragic Legacy: How a Good vs. Evil Mentality Destroyed the Bush Presidency
[HTML] rev. of Socrates: A Life Examined and The Death of Socrates: Hero, Villain, Chatterbox, Saint
[HTML] rev. of Vietnam: The Definitive Oral History, Told from All Sides
[HTML] rev. of Rediscovering Homer: Inside the Origins of the Epic
[HTML] rev. of Thermopylae: The Battle That Changed the World
[HTML] rev. of The Tomb of Agamemnon: Mycenae and the Search for a Hero
[HTML] rev. of The Intellectuals and the Flag
[HTML] rev. of Thucydides: An Introduction for the Common Reader
[HTML] rev. of Odysseus Unbound: The Search for Homer’s Ithaca
[HTML] rev. of The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History
[PDF](with Mark Southern) rev. of Indo-European Perspectives: Studies in Honour of Anna Morpurgo Davies
[HTML](with John Friend) rev. of The Long March: Xenophon and the Ten Thousand
[HTML]rev. of First Democracy: The Challenge of an Ancient Idea
[HTML]rev. of Athens: Its Rise and Fall and Athenian Democratic Origins and Other Essays
[HTML]rev. of Overconfidence and War and American Adventurism Abroad
[HTML]rev. of Dawes’ The Language of War
[HTML]rev. of Goldhill’s Love, Sex and Tragedy
[HTML]rev. of Tatum’s The Mourner’s Song: War and Remembrance from the Iliad to Vietnam
[PDF]A. Robinson, The Man Who Deciphered Linear B: The Story of Michael Ventris (Thames and Hudson, London and New York 2002 ISBN 0-500-51077-6) in American Journal of Archaeology 107 (2003) 296-297 (273 KB)
[PDF]reviews of V.L. Aravantinos, L. Godart and A. Sacconi eds., Les tablettes en linéaire B de la Odos Pelopidou, Édition et Commentaire (Thèbes Fouilles de la Cadmée 1), from Minos, AJA, and Kadmos (1.77 MB)
[HTML]rev. of Bernal’s Black Athena Writes Back
[HTML]rev. of the Morrisons’ Camelot to Kent State
[HTML]rev. of Cartledge’s The Greeks
[HTML]rev. of Tritle’s From Melos to My Lai and Freedman’s Kennedy’s Wars
[HTML]rev. of MacGillivray’s Minotaur
[HTML]rev. of Rethinking Mycenaean Palaces
[HTML]rev. of Kagan’s The Peloponnesian War
[HTML]rev. of Katovsky and Carlson’s Embedded
[HTML]rev. of The Corpus of Mycenaean Inscriptions from Knossos, Volume Four

Seminars by Tom Palaima:
[PDF]”The Pylos Ta Series: from Michael Ventris to the New Millennium,” University of London Institute of Classical Studies May 24, 2000 (138 KB)

Poetry by Tom Palaima:
[PDF]”As Told To Wallace Terry,” War, Literature and the Arts 15 (2003) 171-172. (189 KB)

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