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Welcome Sara Hackett!

June 2019 - We welcome Sara Hackett to the Paydarfar lab! Sara is a recent graduate from the biomedical engineering program at UT Austin. During her undergraduate career, she used mathematical models to simulate neurological activity. She worked with brain-computer interface systems to understand how neurological signals can control prosthetics. Welcome to the lab, Sara!

Meet the Team

David Paydarfar, MD

Professor, Chair of Neurology

Joshua Chang, MD/PHD

Assistant Professor, Neurology

Corinne Jones, PhD

Assistant Professor, Neurology

Ian Zuzarte

PhD Student, Bioengineering, Northeastern Univ.

Alan Gee

PhD student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Diego Garcia-Olano

PhD student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Varun Sridhar

Computational Research Fellow, Clayton Foundation

Sara Hackett

Research Engineer/Scientist Associate II

Genesis Hernandez

Clinical Research Volunteer