Project Leaders

Image of Eric GrodskyEric Grodsky is Professor of Sociology and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin—Madison and Co-Director of the Maison Educatin Partnership, a research-practice partnership between the Wisconsin Center for Education Research and the Madison Metropolitan School District.  Much of Grodsky’s  prior research focused on inequality in higher education, including work on affirmative action, socioeconomic inequalities in college attendance and completion, changes in the role of merit in these processes over time and the role of information about their college readiness in high school students’ college preparatory behavior. Grodsky is also working with colleagues at the University of Texas and the University of Minnesota on follow-ups to the High School and Beyond study. Grodsky serves as an Associate Editor for the American Educational Research Journal and was a panel member of the National Research Council’s report Strengthening Research Experiences for Undergraduate STEM Students.   Website


Image of Chandra MullerChandra Muller is a Professor of Sociology and an Alma Cowden Madden Centennial Professor & Ashbell Smith Professor in Liberal Arts at  the University of Texas at Austin. Professor Muller’s current research examines how schools and education shape life course outcomes such as work and health. In particular, she focuses on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) preparation and careers. Of primary interest is the diversity in experiences and disparities according to gender, race and ethnicity, social class, as well as disability, immigration or language minority status. In addition to the Pathways through College Research Network, she is a PI on the High School and Beyond Midlife Follow-up study. She is a member of the National Academy of Education and the Mindset Scholars Network (MSN) Scientific Steering Committee, and the chair of the American Education Research Association Advisory Council and NAEP High School Transcripts Studies Technical Panel.    Website



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