Honored Members

The Lynne Milburn Award

The Lynne Milburn Award is an award given annually by the PEFSA Executive Committee to honor those who have made positive contributions not only to PEFSA but to the UT Austin community as well.

Lynne Milburn is one of the founding members of PEFSA and was a true agent of change on UT’s campus. To honor her hard work and her legacy, the PEFSA Executive Committee named this award upon her retirement from UT Austin in 2008. Recipients of this award are believed to embody the spirit and hope that Lynne Milburn possesses as well as the dedication she so nobly demonstrated during her time on the PEFSA Executive Committee. Past award winners are listed below.

2016 Lynne Milburn Award Winner: Liz Elsen

Liz Elsen is the Interim Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center: Serving Women and LGBTQA Communities where the hours are filled advising student groups, event planning, and talking to students about all things queer & feminist. A graduate of UT’s CUSPA program in ’08, Elsen returned to Longhorn life after 4 years at The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. While at UIUC Elsen co-directed a social justice Living and Learning Community called Intersections, served on the Sexual Assault Prevention Committee and tried to avoid going outside when it was snowing. Elsen is happy to be back in Austin where there is plentiful Topo Chico and breakfast tacos, and plenty of sun for walks with the dog, Bob Barker the cairn terrier. Elsen has been on the Leadership Team of PEFSA since 2012.

Fun fact: Elsen loves tabling for PEFSA at Pride, here’s a picture!


Previous Lynne Milburn Award Winners:
: Erin Burrows
2012: David Brown, Sam Sanchez, Lindsey Schell, Anne Wynne
2011: Scott Parks, Debra Kress, Melanie Wilmoth
2010: Corina Cantu, Amanda Dasilva, Lillie DeAlba, Janina Hurtado, Karen Langsley, Lindsay Marsh, Karen Pagani, Samantha Perry, Kasey Spickard, Shane Whaley
2009: Julien Carter, Randy Diehl, Jody Eldridge, Katie Fife, Gail Goodman, Brandon Jass, Jennifer Leech, Megan Little, Kristin Macaluso, Julia Mullis, Marc Musick, Elliott Naishtat, Doreen Ray, Lawrence Sager, Randall Terrell, Katie Wanamaker
2008: Lauren Alexander, Cristi Biggs, Julien Carter, Beth Chichester, Dana Cloud, Gail Goodman, Brandon Jast, Kristen Jones, Karen Landolt, Meagan Little, Laura Luthy, Lynne Milburn, Linda Millstone, Lisa Moore, Pete Rivera, LaTonya Robinson, Lindsey Schell, Ixchel Rosal, Sarah Sloane, Robert Vega

PEFSA Lifetime Members

PEFSA proudly honors those members of the UT community who have expressed their support for equity on campus by taking a lifetime membership:

Cristi Biggs
Doug Bolin
Paul Bonin-Rodriguez
Steve Boren
Justin Matthew Brady
David Brown
Casey Butler
Beth Chichester
Ashley Clark
Maeve Cooney
Stephanie Crouch
Marie Du Mond
Liz Elsen
RT Fehlhafer
Laurie Gonzales
Scott Good
Gail Goodman
Tracy Hatfield
Pamela Haunschild
Ty Helpinstill
Jennifer Herrity
Scott Hoffman
Janina Hurtado
Ana Ixchel Rosal
Shannon Kawa
Karen Landolt
Julie Lucas
Lynne Milburn
Steven Miller
Tim Moore
Karen Pagani
Samantha Perry
Dorene Ray
Benjamin Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez
Stephen Russell
Susan Sage Heinzelman
Jackie Salcedo
Lindsey Schell
Jason Sick
Sarah Sloan
Amira Sounny-Slitine
Jamie Southerland
Cindy Story
Betty Jeanne Taylor
Robert Valdez
Robert Vega
Ashley Welch
Debra Winegarten
Erin Wolf
Lesli Wood
Kimberly Burdine
Kelly Smith
Raul Villa