College Committees: Division Representatives:
Academic Performance Lam
Academic Support Evoy
Admissions Seltzer (Chair), Ryan
Cultural Proficiency None
Curriculum Duhon (Vice-Chair)
Curriculum: Experiential Programs Subcommittee Ryan (Vice-Chair), Davidson, Duhon
Curriculum: IPE Subcommittee Seltzer
Curriculum: Prof. Dev. Convocation Subcommittee Seltzer
Dean’s Cabinet Frei
Departmental Review on Human Research Lee
Executive Davis, Koeller, Saklad
Faculty Development Frei (Chair), Hand
Financial Aid (Graduate Student) Frei
Financial Aid (Professional Student) Chen
Graduate Studies Administrative Subcommittee Koeller
Honors and Awards Seltzer (Vice-Chair)
Honors Program (PharmD/PhD Oversight) Koeller, Reveles
Pharmacy Residencies Hand (Vice-Chair), Ryan
Program Assessment Team Duhon
Research Infrastructure and Lab Safety Kuhn
Region Assignment Appeals Davidson
Staff Development Fischer
Taskforce on Grad & Res Prog. Org. Structure Frei, Reveles
Teaching Credentials and Assignments Koeller
Teaching Assistant Selection Subcommittee Koeller
Center/Division Committees: Division Representatives:
Division Graduate Advisor (DGA) Koeller
Trainee Success Committee (TSC) Frei (Chair), Duhon, Koeller, Lee, Reveles
Resident/Graduate Student Teaching Duhon (Chair), Frei, Hand, Koeller, VA
Rotations for PTher MS/Residents Duhon (Chair), Ryan
Student Awards Seltzer (Chair), Davidson, Frei, Saklad
School of Medicine Chairs & Directors Frei
Student Organizations: Faculty Advisors:
SCCP Frei, Reveles, Seltzer
Know Your Medicine Reveles
Project Collaborate Evoy
SASPA Seltzer
Student Government, UTHSC San Antonio Seltzer


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