Baneen Noorali, Class of 2018

Baleen Noordli photoWhy I chose The University of Texas at Austin|
I attended The University of Texas at Austin for my undergraduate coursework, and I loved the positive vibe on campus. Professors were excited about research, students were passionate about organizations, and there was no limit to what you could do here. The College of Pharmacy exuded those same principles through its application and interview processes.

Why I love UT Pharmacy
We really are a pharmacy family, or phamily, if you will. Upperclassmen made me feel welcome as a first-year student pharmacist, and I miss my classmates every time we go on break. I have built relationships with professors, and every alumnus I have met has offered himself or herself as a resource to me.

For my first APPE rotation this summer, I will travel to Lisbon, Portugal as part of the Pharmobility program. Learning how pharmacy functions in a foreign country will help me apply concepts from multiple classes, ranging from antimicrobics to pharmacoeconomics. I look forward to seeing the similarities and differences and also to experiencing everything in a different language. I expect to struggle some with the language barrier, but this hurdle will help me understand the experience of patients whose first language is not English. With pharmacists on the frontline of healthcare, it is important to understand language and cultural barriers. I expect Pharmobility to help me better serve all my patients, regardless of their background.  

     – The University of Texas at Austin
     – Senate Representative, Pharmacy Council
     – Academic Assistant, Foundations for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice