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College of Pharmacy Admissions Office
The University of Texas at Austin
2409 University Ave., Stop A1900
Austin, TX 78712-01200

If you have any questions regarding our Pharm.D. admission or prerequisite course requirements, please contact us at:
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You can also contact our office to set up an appointment (phone or physical) with our academic advisor to help answer some of your questions. ┬áIt’s highly recommended that you do not walk-in without an appointment.
Phone: 512-471-1737

Greg CalderaCaldera, Gregory
Director of Admissions, Advising, and Recruitment (Admissions & Advising)
PHR 5.112J
Phone: 512-475-9754
Fax: 512-232-1893

Gutierrez, Patricia
Academic Advising Coordinator & Recruitment Officer, Student Affairs (Admissions & Advising)
PHR 5.112J
Phone: 512-232-3479
Fax: 512-232-1893

Ann Spencer

Spencer, Ann

Administrative Associate, Student Affairs (Admissions)
PHR 5.108A
Phone: 512-471-4425
Fax: 512-232-1893

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