Pharm.D. StudentsCareer Opportunities in Pharmacy

Pharmacists are among the most accessible members of the health care delivery team. Visit the Pharmacy is Right for Me website for additional information about a career in pharmacy.

The need for licensed pharmacists remains high. For specific information about the demand in practice settings and in specific regions of the country visit the Pharmacy Manpower website.


Pharm. D. StudentsBest Candidates for Admission to our Program

The admissions committee looks for students who are passionate about pharmacy, who have a true desire to serve, who think critically, and who work well with others. Application materials include:
• GPA (especially in pre-requisite courses with focus on math and science) and PCAT scores
• Letters of recommendation, ideally from a pharmacist or supervisor (including work or academic)
• Written and oral communication skills (essay and interview)
• Work experience in pharmacy, health care, or customer service
• Extracurricular involvement and leadership in organizations
• Knowledge of the pharmacy profession
• Experience in service, volunteerism, research, teaching, tutoring, and mentoring

Class of 2021 Data

Applications: 508 Received (Early Decision: 58 Received)
Enrolled: 124 (Early Decision: 42 Enrolled)
GPA: 3.6
PCAT Composite: 84
Previous Degrees: 97 Baccalaurete; 1 Master’s or Higher
Gender: 39 Men; 85 Women
Ethnicity: 44 Asian; 4 Black; 27 Hispanic; 45 White; 3 Multiracial; 1 Unreported

Pharm.D. Student ServicePharm.D. Curriculum

The Pharm.D. program emphasizes an integrated and problem-based approach to disease management as the core of the didactic and laboratory program of study. The capstone of the Pharm.D. program is a series of seven, six-week rotations known as Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs). Each APPE course includes 40 to 50 hours per week of on-site experience (Experiential Programs).

Learn more about the Pharm.D. Program and the Pharm.D. Curriculum.


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