Welcome to the Student Affairs Office

We are the front desk team of the Student Affairs Office, and we welcome you to one of the best programs of pharmacy education in the country. We are delighted that you are here. Equally important, we want to bid you welcome as the newest members of the UT Austin College of Pharmacy family.

Our office is one of the busiest within the college. When forms are due to be turned in (and believe us there are many forms), we can help. If there are questions to be answered (and again, count on it), we are here. Having trouble with a course, an instructor, or a classmate? There is help available in the Student Affairs Office.



Our team
Greg CalderaGreg Caldera is the college’s full-time academic advisor assisting Pharm.D. students with course advising and registration procedures, the college’s tutoring program, degree audits towards graduation, and liaison to Student Financial Services. He earned his BBA from Baylor University and has been part of the University of Texas family for over 15-years. In addition to academic advising, Greg is a good source to learn about local Austin outdoor activities, maneuvering around the city, and new restaurants.

David Ocean has been a member of the team since 2012. Count on him daily to be a welcoming face to assist with business related to student organizations, student travel, and a myriad of administrative tasks. Got a minute to chat? David’s desk has an ample supply of Twizzlers and he loves to spend a minute talking about his latest travel adventure, sci-fi, classic cars, or the latest book he’s reading.

Anda Wynn works in the Student Affairs office in the afternoons at the desk she shares with Cheryl Dickens. Anda has worked in the College of Pharmacy since 2003. Anda and the rest of the team are available to assist students with compliance documents including immunizations, compliance modules, health insurance, CPR cards and intern cards.


Cheryl DickensCheryl Dickens joined the Student Affairs Office in 2014. She conducts business with students whether it is student organizations, immunization compliance or any miscellaneous administrative tasks. She earned her BS from (Southwest Texas State University) Texas State University and has been a part of The University of Texas at Austin for more than eight years. Cheryl lived in Yokosuka, Japan for over 4 1/2 years and is very familiar with the culture. She was in the Navy for over 6 years and has traveled extensively to several countries. Her passions are traveling, biking and art. Cheryl has a young son, Bryan.

P. Cene’ Abroms is the current administrative associate for the Early Practice and Experiential Professional programs at UT-Austin, College of Pharmacy.  Her office is located within the Student Affairs suite behind the receptionist desk.  She helps to coordinate Early Practice and Immunization requirements for our P3 & P4 students as well as front desk coverage when needed.  Cene’ joined the EPE team in January 2016 and has been a staff member with UT Austin for over eighteen years.  She enjoys attend church functions and visiting her two grandchildren Elijah and Abigail.  Cene’ has served in the US Navy and her husband John has worked on campus for over twenty-seven years with the Fire Safety – Facility Services department.