College of Pharmacy History, The University of Texas at Austin1960

The Texas Journal of Pharmacy published its first issue in Winter 1960 as a combined voice of the student body, faculty and alumni of the college. In part due to the considerable cost of production, it was discontinued in 1964.


Under the direction of its chairman, C.R. Sublett, the Pharmaceutical Foundation enjoyed its most successful year since its inception, raising more than $18,000 from various sources.

College of Pharmacy History, The University of Texas at Austin

Dean Lee Frank Worrell


The first Industrial Pharmacy Conference, later renamed the International Industrial Pharmacy Conference, was held. Lee Frank Worrell was named dean of the College of Pharmacy.


The Pharmacy Student Council was created to give pharmacy students an official voice in affairs pertaining to the college.


Pharmacy faculty members completed an extensive review process which brought about revision of nearly every course in the curriculum.

College of Pharmacy History, The University of Texas at Austin1965

The first students from the five-year program graduated as the university  maintained the five-year Bachelor of Science degree in pharmacy as the single undergraduate pharmacy degree.


The Texas regional seminar series in pharmacy was established to bring postgraduate educational seminars to pharmacists in their own localities. C.C. Albers was named interim dean upon the retirement of Dean Worrell.


Increased focus on research resulted in establishment of the Drug-Plastic Research Laboratory. Joseph Sprowls was named as dean.

College of Pharmacy History, The University of Texas at Austin1968

Student representatives were added to serve on the Committee on Curriculum and the Committee on Student Activities.


Drastic revisions in the pharmacy curriculum occurred, including a new focus on the pharmacist as a provider of information rather than solely as a dispenser of drugs.

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