HAP named to leadership award

The Hispanic Association of Pharmacists (HAP) has been named to receive a 2015 Community Leadership Award from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition.

The award is given annually to individuals or organizations who improve the lives of others within their community by providing or enhancing opportunities to engage in sports, physical activities, fitness or nutrition-related programs. This year 47 awards were made nationally.

The Longhorn pharmacy students sponsored, organized and participated in the Fit and Fun Fest Run at Brooke Elementary School in Austin Independent School District. The event consisted of a fun run where the elementary school students ran laps and won prizes for their success in exercising. Following the run, HAPS provided five booths designed to educate children about the importance of eating healthy. In addition, children were taught about ideal blood pressure ranges, artherosclerosis, healthy eating portions, and implications of obesity on daily lifestyle.

“Members of the Hispanic Association of Pharmacists have dedicated their efforts towards making a difference in the community, more specifically regarding the prevention of childhood obesity and diabetes,” said Christopher Medlin, a second year pharmacy student and president of the organization for 2015-2016. “We are honored to have been recognized for our efforts last year, and are working steadily towards a bigger and better childhood obesity run in the upcoming month.”