Month: February 2016

Prescription for Love

  We continue the tradition of sharing stories about our pharmacy couples.  Enjoy! Ping and Ju Du Ping and Ju Du met as undergraduate classmates at Peking University in Beijing, China.  They continued their studies earning Master’s Degrees before deciding

Kloesel Grant Helps Asthma Patients Stay Healthy

A study that focuses on the role of pharmacists in helping asthma patients stay healthy is the inaugural program supported by a new initiative of the College of Pharmacy. Dr. Jamie C. Barner, professor of health outcomes and pharmacy practice,

Simone Raffa-Carvalho and Thiago Carvalho

We earned our bachelor’s degrees in pharmacy from different universities in Brazil. Although we were studying in the same city, we never met each other during that time. Our paths only crossed when we started working in the manufacturing of

Anita and Joe Ramirez

In the Laurel Ramirez family the blend of family and pharmacy is tightly woven. It is no wonder then, that Anita’s sister Yolanda was indirectly responsible for placing her younger sister on a path that not only led her to

Ping and Ju Du

In China Ping and I met as undergraduate classmates at Peking University in Beijing, China. After that, we attended graduate school for our master degrees, still in the same university. Although our departments were different, we were conducting experiments in