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We continue the tradition of sharing stories about our pharmacy couples.  Enjoy!

Ping and Ju Du

Ping and Ju Du met as undergraduate classmates at Peking University in Beijing, China.  They continued their studies earning Master’s Degrees before deciding to come to the U.S. to pursue doctorate degrees, marrying just prior to leaving China. Both eventually ended up working toward their Ph.D. under the supervision of Dr. Hugh Smyth.  “We were truly a 24-7 couple,” recalled Ju.

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Ju and Ping DuPing Du and Ju Du both received their Ph..D. degrees in 2015 under the guidance of Dr. Hugh Smyth.   Although they technically did not meet in pharmacy school at UT Austin, theirs is a great story.



Joe and Anita Ramirez

In the Laurel Ramirez family the blend of family and pharmacy is tightly woven.  Anita’s sister Yolanda Laurel was the UT clinical coordinator for San Antonio and assigned Anita to Santa Rosa Hospital where Joe Ramirez was the procurement supervisor. Their paths did not cross at the hospital, but they met at a farewell party for a co-worker. At the party, Anita, who did not play Bridge, was drafted to be Joe’s Bridge partner for the evening.  The game did not go well that evening, but Joe offered to teach her to play.  Thus launched not only an eventual romance and long, happy marriage, but a life time of bridge lessons.

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Anita and Joe Ramirez 1981Anita Laurel Ramirez (B.S. 1978) and Joe Ramirez (B.S. 1972) have a long family history with the UT College of Pharmacy.  The latest member of the family to earn a pharmacy degree is their daughter, Debbie Ramirez (Pharm.D. 2011)




Simone Raffa-Carvalho and Thiago Carvalho 

Simone Raffa-Carvalho and Thiago Carvalho did not know one another when they earned bachelor’s degrees in pharmacy from different universities in their native Brazil.  Their paths didn’t cross until they both began working in the manufacturing of insulin products for Novo Nordisk in Brazil.  “After dating for a few months, I got a double proposal,” writes Simone.  “First, a marriage one; then, he asked me if I would be open to come with him to the U.S. for his grad school.”   Thiago started his Ph.D. work in pharmaceutics in 2007 and Simone joined the same program two years later.  “I am so glad we came to the United States, especially to this magical place called UT Austin,” she continued.

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Thiago and Simone Carvalho w daughterThiago and Simone Carvalho thenSimone Raffa-Carvalho received her Ph.D. in 2013 and Thiago Carvalho received his Ph.D. in 2011. They live in New Jersey with their 20-month-old daughter.