Pharmaceutics article garners journal honor

A recently published paper “Solubility Advantage (and Disadvantage) of Pharmaceutical Amorphous Solid Dispersions” co-authored by Siyuan Huang Ph.D. and R. O. Williams III and collaborators from Genentech was recognized for its “Most Original and Most Significant Scientific Findings” by editors of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  Williams serves as a professor and head of the Pharmaceutics Division.

Williams said the research is critical in that increasing solubility and bioavailability of poor water soluble drugs, researchers are able to enhance the effectiveness of the drug in the body.

Amorphous solid dispersions are used to increase the solubility and bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs.  Williams said that the team developed a thermodynamic model to calculate the chemical potential of a drug in the multicomponent, amorphous system. This approach, he said, enables the estimation of the true solubility advantage of ASD and ultimately use it to predict improvement in drug performance.

Huang, a graduate student in the Williams lab, recently defended his dissertation.  He is employed by Eli Lilly & Co. 

Read the pharmaceutics journal article.