UT student pharmacist a USPHS top award recipient

Student pharmacist Mandy Renfro.

The United States Public Health Service selected 90 student pharmacists nationally to receive its distinguished Excellence in Pharmacy Public Health Award.

The annual award recognizes pharmacy students who demonstrate a commitment to public health and active in developing innovative approaches to current public health challenges and those who will help lead the nation to a healthier future.

The USPHS selected UT student pharmacist Mandy Renfro as as top 10 award recipient. Those ten students created or led projects that positively impacted underserved communities in their local communities and beyond.

According to Lieutenant Adam Loyson, Pharm.D. of the U.S. Public Health Service, Renfro was recognized for “significant accomplishments and interventions, leading to an increase of substance use disorder community awareness and prevention. Your efforts as a student chair and volunteer of Operation Naloxone, President and Vice-President of the Student Pharmacist Recovery Network, creation of an innovative addiction medicine advanced pharmacy practice experience, research into substance misuse, and involvement in community media outlets demonstrate your exceptional commitment to addressing the opioid epidemic public health challenge.”

Congratulations to Mandy for her impressive and well-deserved accomplishments!