Drug Info Alert

Drug Information Alerts provide the latest news and research findings regarding a specific health topic.  The alerts are developed through the Drug Information Service housed on the campus of the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.  Dr. Jennifer Seltzer serves as head of the service.  Alerts are developed under her supervision or the supervision of a cooperating faculty member and are developed by practicing residents. They are issued periodically for public information.


Fluoroquinolones: The New Heartbreaker?
Mo Abotteen, PharmD Intern and Jennifer Seltzer, PharmD
March 15, 2018


Public Health Alert: “Dabbing”
David Huggar, PharmD and Jennifer Seltzer, PharmD

FluMist® Ineffectiveness Means Shots for All Tots
Isaac Perales, PharmD Intern, and Jennifer Seltzer, PharmD

Fatalities Due to “Megadoses” of Common Anti-Diarrheal” Medications
Jacqueline Argamany, PharmD,  and Jennifer Seltzer, PharmD

The Rise of the Zika Virus
Dana Boeck, PharmD, Maren Cowley, PharmD Intern and Jennifer Seltzer, PharmD


Updated Guidance on Over-the-Counter Analgesic Use: The Less [N]said, the Better
Andrew Delgado, PharmD and Jennifer Seltzer, PharmD

Update on Meningococcal Meningitis: New (and old) Vaccines to Protect Those at Risk
Sara Yakhin, PharmD Intern, Laura Gordon, PharmD Intern and Jennifer Seltzer, PharmD

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