P4 APPE Evaluation Form – October 7, 2015

Dear 2015-16 preceptor faculty,

This is the third installment of our recently developed preceptor-faculty newsletter. These will be posted on this website should you wish to refer back to any of them. And as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your regional director or me.

This particular message will highlight the P4 APPE Evaluation Form, found in PhIRST.


The official evaluation form for every rotation, regardless of type, is the P4 APPE evaluation form. You may access this form by logging into PhIRST with your UT EID and password, and choosing View Assignments from the left-hand menu. You may also access the evaluation via the rotation manual.

The evaluation form has TWO PARTS, both of which are required. The first part is a list of the rotation competencies. Please read the directions carefully before proceeding. Those competencies considered required for a particular rotation must be completed before the form can be submitted. If you precept a rotation that does not involve patient care, you must still complete the professionalism and communication competencies, and any others indicated. Please also carefully read the attestations at the bottom of the competencies page before submitting.

The second part of the form is the summary evaluation, where both you and the student may make comments, and where the preceptor indicates, both at midpoint and at the final evaluation, how the student is performing. If deficiencies are noted, we require that the preceptor provide a plan of action to help the student reach minimum competency over the course of the remaining three weeks. Any preceptor may provide supplemental information regarding student performance in an e-mail to both the regional director and me.

VERY IMPORTANT: It should NEVER come as a surprise to the college, and certainly not the student, that he or she is not performing as expected. We realize that, in extremely rare instances, there will be exceptions, but let both the student and the college (regional director and me) know the minute you sense there may be an issue. And document, document, document!

Our systems analyst Gerry White has provided a tutorial for how to complete the evaluation form in PhIRST should you need it. Click the link “Need Help with Forms?” in the left menu of your home page in PhIRST.

Next week will address the hour sheet and drug-related problem forms in PhIRST. Have a great week!

Jennifer Riddings-MyhraRegards,
Jennifer Ridings-Myhra, Assistant Dean