Policies for Earning Rotation Hours – October 29, 2015

Dear 2015-16 preceptor faculty,

This is the next installment of our recently developed preceptor-faculty newsletter. These will be posted on this website should you wish to refer back to any of them. And as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your regional director or me.

This particular message will highlight college policies for earning rotation hours. The actual hours form will be addressed in the next newsletter.


The minimum number of hours for ANY rotation, regardless of type, is 250 hours during the six-week period. This translates to about 42 hours per week. Texas State Board of Pharmacy rules prohibit more than 50 hours per week, and the maximum hours allowed by the college per day is 12 (recent increase from 10). So this is the maximum students can record on their hour sheet per day and per week. We inform students that, due to the nature of a particular rotation, they may be required to work more hours than can be officially recorded on the hour sheet. This is also stated in the master syllabus, so it should come as no surprise to students that they may not be able to record all hours worked.

Additionally, students may not “speed up” a rotation by working the maximum number of hours per week for the purpose of taking time off, at the end of the rotation or any other time, without permission from the college. Under rare circumstances, we may grant such permission. The rule of thumb is that students will begin on the first day of the rotation, and end on the last day. Students are notified of this well in advance of the P4 year. Any deviations from this policy must be discussed with and approved by the regional director.

Other policies related to hours are on pages 3-4 of the Course Syllabus and Guidelines, found in the web-based rotation manual.

Jennifer Riddings-Myhra

Until the next newsletter—best regards,

Jennifer Ridings-Myhra, Assistant Dean