Drug-Related Problem Form – December 7, 2015

Dear 2015-16 preceptor faculty,

This is the next installment of our recently developed preceptor-faculty newsletter. These will be posted on this website should you wish to refer back to any of them. And as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your regional director or me.

This particular message will highlight the drug-related problem form.

Drug-Related Problem Form

A minimum of ten (10) drug-related problem (DRP) forms are due at the end of any rotation involving patient care, no matter the rotation type (acute care, community, elective, etc.). The student is responsible for submitting these through PhIRST.

It is via the DRP form that we are able to track student medication therapy interventions, and thus, hopefully, the student’s contributions to the practice site. Although at this time preceptor-faculty are not required to sign off on these forms, we ask that you review what the student has submitted and check it for accuracy prior to the end of the rotation.

Please consult earlier newsletters via the web link above for other topics of interest. And while you’re doing that, take a look at the new design of our experiential web pages! I hope you find them easy to navigate and full of helpful information. Kudos to our webmaster and others for making this happen.

Jennifer Riddings-Myhra

Until the next time,

Jennifer Ridings-Myhra, Assistant Dean