P4 APPE Hour Sheet – November 4, 2015

Dear 2015-16 preceptor faculty,

This is the next installment of our recently developed preceptor-faculty newsletter. These will be posted on this website should you wish to refer back to any of them. And as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your regional director or me.

This particular message will highlight the P4 APPE Hour Sheet.

P4 APPE Hour Sheet

The hour sheet on which the student’s official hours for the rotation are recorded is found in PhIRST along with the P4 APPE Evaluation Form for each rotation. The hours worked should be filled in by the student. At the end of each week, the preceptor-faculty member should approve the total number of hours for the week. At the end of the six weeks, the preceptor-faculty member signs off on the entire number of hours for the rotation. Hours are automatically totaled by the system.

You’ll note several lines on the hour sheet. The top three deal with site-based hours, or, in other words, those hours that occur in the course of your rotation. These should be self-explanatory. The bottom two are for special activity hours. These are additional hours that may count toward the rotation hour requirement and are gained through participation in local, state, and national pharmacy association meetings, or other activities as approved by the regional director. Students should verify these hours, witnessed by a pharmacist who also attended the event, on the Special Activities form, found in the web rotation manual pages. A maximum of 16 hours per semester may count in the total number of hours per rotation. Students attending meetings that take them out of town must check with their preceptor faculty member for approval to be absent from the rotation.

Please consult last week’s newsletter for the college’s policies on earning hours, including the maximum number of hours that can be worked and recorded on the P4 APPE Hour Sheet.


Jennifer Riddings-Myhra

Until the next time,

Jennifer Ridings-Myhra, Assistant Dean