Student Assignments for the Upcoming Rotation Year – April 15, 2016

Dear University of Texas at Austin preceptor faculty,

This is another installment of our recently developed preceptor-faculty newsletter “News You Can Use.”  These are posted on our website should you wish to refer back to any of them. And as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your regional director or me.

This particular message concerns student assignments for the upcoming rotation year 2016-2017.

To view your assignments, please visit This site requires a UT EID and password. Look at the left side menu, and choose View Assignments, then select the year from the pull-down menu; it should show 2016 for the upcoming year’s assignments. Also note that you can pull down on any previous year and see students assigned to you in the past if you need that information. With the year 2016 chosen, you will see the students assigned to you, along with corresponding links to their evaluation form, hour sheet, and Drug Related Problem forms (DRP), all of which you either complete or approve or both. You will also see View Rotation Manual. This is all of the information you need for the rotation, including all preceptor and student requirements. Bookmark this link! Make sure both you and your assigned students are familiar with all expectations prior to the start of the rotation.

OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE: If you are precepting one of our four core rotations: Inpatient General Medicine (formerly Acute Care; this may not be reflected yet in PhIRST), Ambulatory Care, Advanced Community, or Advanced Hospital, please be aware that the college has developed new criteria and syllabi for these rotations. Make sure that your rotation meets these requirements for the 2016-17 year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your regional director or me and we will work through it. By precepting any of these rotations, you are certifying to the college that you are aware of these criteria and are offering a rotation that is consistent with these requirements.

Please consult earlier newsletters via the web link above for other topics of interest.

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Jennifer Riddings-Myhra

Until the next time,

Jennifer Ridings-Myhra, Assistant Dean