Preceptor Honors

2019 Wm. Arlyn Kloesel Preceptor of the Year Award

Dr. Dusten Rose, 2019 Wm. Arlyn Kloesel Preceptor of the Year

Dusten Rose earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Ferris State University in 2008.  He participated in a pharmacy practice residency at St. Mary’s Health Care, Grand Rapids, Michigan and then a PGY2 in Infectious Diseases at Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.  He worked as a clinical pharmacist specialist in ID prior to coming to University Medical Center Brackenridge, now Dell Seton Medical Center, in 2014 as a clinical specialist. Students have said about Dr. Rose:

“Dusten is a wonderful preceptor and served as my mentor this year even after my rotation. He provides the right amount of supervision for his students while allowing them to learn on their own. He never made me feel as if I were inadequate for not knowing something.  He leads multiple topic discussions throughout the week and allows his student to lead the discussion when they feel comfortable. He has a knack for asking questions in a way that lead a student to identify areas of weakness and strength. He is very supportive and respects all different learning styles. From day 1, Dusten treated me like an equal and was all around fun to be around. He included me on multiple research projects as well as guided me through the residency process. He is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had.”

“Dusten is an integral member of the healthcare team at Dell Seton. He goes above and beyond when serving his patients. He is incredibly intelligent and demonstrates respect for everyone he interacts with. He actively seeks new knowledge and inspires students to do their best.”

“Dusten is involved in many pharmacy organizations and often promotes the field through research presentations at conferences across the nation. He also stays involved with the college of pharmacy and spoke to the P2’s about infectious disease pharmacy, which sparked interest in many of the students. Dusten helps the community in and out of the field of pharmacy. His love for the HIV/AIDS community has led to service work with HIV/AIDS organizations around the central Texas area. I learned more on his rotation than any other rotation, and I am so fortunate to have had the chance to learn from him.”

Master Preceptor Recognition Program

Todd Canada, Pharm.D. receives national preceptor award

Todd Canada, Pharm.D. receives national preceptor award

The Master Preceptor Recognition Program was inaugurated in 2014 by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. Designed to honor the “best of the best”, this program recognizes preceptors who not only demonstrate a sustained commitment to excellence in the areas of teaching, practice, experiential education, and professional citizenship, but who also teach others to excel in these areas. Nominees must have served a minimum of ten years as a preceptor for the nominating college of pharmacy.

Dr. Todd Canada, was one of seven preceptors selected from across the nation to receive this national award.  Canada is also a recipient of the 2004 Kloesel Preceptor of the Year Award, and has served previously as regional director and currently as a coordinator for the Galveston/Houston regional experiential program. He is employed by The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, where he precepts students on critical care/nutrition support rotations, and also serves as a preceptor to pharmacy residents.


Wm. Arlyn Kloesel Preceptor of the Year Award Recipients

2019 regional preceptors of the year, from left to right: Dr. Gerard Gawrys, San Antonio; Dr. Jennifer Seltzer, San Antonio regional director; Associate Dean Renee’ Acosta, Dr. Dusten Rose, Austin; Arlyn Kloesel, for whom this award is named; Dr. Sarah Hardt, Austin/Temple regional director; Dr. Todd Canada, Galveston/Houston regional director, and Dr. Andrew Hunter, Houston.

1989 Bill Edwards
1990 Charles Barnes
1991 Julia Janich
1992 George Holmgreen
1993 Cynthia Meyers
1994 Emory Martin
1995 Jason Wong
1996 Jeanine Love
1997 John C. “Bud” Johnson
1998 Conrad Gamboa
1999 Jon Herrington
2000 Danny Hernandez and Scott Soefje
2001 Pam Leal
2002 Holli Temple
2003 Gilbert Parra
2004 Todd Canada
2005 Bob Talbert
2006 William Linn
2007 Jon Albrecht
2008 Curtis Triplitt
2009 Reba Williams
2010 Randy Ball
2011 Diane Schuetze
2012 Steven Knight
2013 Aida Garza
2014 Megan Fleming
2015 Lance Ray
2016 Celeste Vinluan
2017 Lucas Hill
2018 Steven Villarreal
2019 Dusten Rose

 Regional Preceptors of the Year

From left: Arlyn Kloesel; 2016 regional preceptor award winners Sueli Tovar, Reba Williams, Jacqueline Navarrete accepting for Celeste Vinluan, Rania Kattura; Dean Lynn Crismon

From left: Arlyn Kloesel; 2016 regional preceptor award winners Sueli Tovar, Reba Williams, Jacqueline Navarrete accepting for Celeste Vinluan, Rania Kattura; Dean Lynn Crismon

Austin/Temple/Waco:  Dusten Rose, Pharm.D.
Dallas/Fort Worth:  Thinh Tran, Pharm.D.
El Paso:  Catherine Ho, Pharm.D.
Galveston/Houston:  Andrew Hunter, Pharm.D.
Rio Grande Valley:  Veronica Guerra, Pharm.D.
San Antonio:  Gerard Gawrys, Pharm.D.

Austin/Temple/Waco:  Molly Curran, Pharm.D.
Dallas/Fort Worth:  Kristin Elzey, Pharm.D.
El Paso:  Valerie Alvarado, Pharm.D.
Galveston/Houston:  Steven Villareal, R.Ph.
Rio Grande Valley:  Rose Mary Silva Rodriguez, Pharm.D.
San Antonio:  Kirk Evoy, Pharm.D.

Austin/Temple/Waco:  Lucas Hill, Pharm.D.
Dallas/Fort Worth:  Jennifer Tran Belisle, Pharm.D.
El Paso:  Monique Aldaz, Pharm.D.
Galveston/Houston:  Joanne Lim, Pharm.D.
Rio Grande Valley:  Rose Mary Silva Rodriguez, Pharm.D.
San Antonio:  Dewayne Davidson, Pharm.D.

Austin/Temple/Waco: Rania Kattura, Pharm.D.
Dallas/Fort Worth: Reba Williams, R.Ph.
El Paso: Celeste Vinluan, Pharm.D.
Galveston/Houston: Todd Canada, Pharm.D.
Rio Grande Valley: Sueli Tovar, Pharm.D.

Austin/Temple/Waco: Archana Banerjee, R.Ph.
Dallas/Fort Worth:  Lance Ray, Pharm.D.
El Paso: Terri Martinez, Pharm.D.
Galveston/Houston: Dehuti Pandya, Pharm.D.
Rio Grande Valley: Ben Fry, R.Ph.

Austin/Temple/Waco: Angela Solis, R.Ph.
Dallas/Fort Worth: Megan Fleming, Pharm.D.
El Paso: Jenny Splawn, Pharm.D.
Galveston/Houston: Nga Nguyen, Pharm.D.
Rio Grande Valley: Marcos Reyes, Pharm.D.
San Antonio: Conrado Gamboa, R.Ph.

Austin/Temple/Waco: Aida Garza, Pharm.D. and Katherine Shea, Pharm.D.
Dallas/Fort Worth: Chris McGough, Pharm.D.
El Paso: Enrique Soto-Ruiz, Pharm.D.
Galveston/Houston: Jeffrey Bruno, Pharm.D., Susan Loughlin, Pharm.D., Phung Kim Nguyen, Pharm.D., Hanna Palmer, Pharm.D., Dehuti Pandya, Pharm.D., Melanie Ruegger, Pharm.D., Walter David Spence, R.Ph.,and Anila Thomas, Pharm.D.
Rio Grande Valley: Stephen Gore, Pharm.D. and John Smith, Pharm.D.
San Antonio: Jodie Gee, Pharm.D.