Julia Sivinski, Advanced Hospital Practice Coordinator

Julia Janich

Julia Sivinski is currently Director of Pharmacy at Presbyterian Hospital of Plano (Texas Health Resources). Prior professional experiences include managerial and educational roles in institutional settings; practice interests include diabetes mellitus, outcomes demonstration, and adult education.

Julia received her B.S. in Pharmacy from Ferris State University, her M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Arlington, and her PharmD from the University of Texas at Austin.

Professional memberships: ASHP, TSHP, MSHP, AIHP. TSHP

Appointments: ACPE Coordinator (6/93 – 4/97); Director, R & E Foundation (6/93 – 4/97); regional coordinator for technician certification examination (Spring, 1993); 1992 Annual Seminar program committee. Other activities: Richland Community College Pharmacy Technology Advisory Committee (1993 – 2001), Texas State Board of Pharmacy Internship Task Force (1994-5).