John W. Rudder, Community Practice Coordinator

John W. RudderJohn Rudder is currently the Pharmacy Manager for Albertsons #932 in El Paso, Texas. Mr. Rudder joined Albertsons in 1992. Before joining Albertsons in 1992, Mr. Rudder was a staff pharmacist and Pharmacist-in-charge for the Walgreens Company since 1984.

Mr. Rudder has been the Community Coordinator for the El Paso Region since 1992.┬áMr. Rudder received his B. S. in Pharmacy from the University of Texas at Austin and is a third generation Pharmacist. John’s father is a practicing pharmacist in Brady, Texas.

John is a member of the Texas Pharmacy Association and the El Paso Pharmacy Association. He is a past President of the El Paso Pharmacy Association. John received the Texas Pharmacy Association’s Outstanding Local Association Officer in 2000.